Jolly good dog bowls





These are all words that Fenella Smith uses to describe herself and her designs – which is precisely why we love her dog bowls.

Featuring whimsical dog drawings, Fenella Smith dog bowls are handmade from earthenware across the pond (England, that is). Did we mention we’re also suckers for a British accent? Righto.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a jolly little dog looking back at them after dinner?

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Aren’t you glad you found your dog?

The people at Found My Animal created these stylish canvas dog collars as a celebration of dogs and people finding each other.

We love that each collar features an individually numbered, stamped brass tag, keeping a running count of how many Found dogs are out there. Found My Animal collars are made from 100% cotton canvas treated with animal-safe wax for water-resistance and durability. 

One look at this collar and you’ll know it’s a keeper. Because when you find The One, you just know.

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Can dogs predict storms?

Good question! The answer: Yes. Here’s how:

They can hear it: Canine hearing is close to twenty times more sensitive than ours – dogs can hear at much higher and lower frequencies than we do – which means your pup can hear a distant rumble of thunder long before you can.

They can smell it: Dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they can detect odors a billion times better than humans. (For real.) The ozone created by lightning has a characteristic metallic smell, so it’s possible for dogs to smell a storm approaching long before it arrives.

They can feel it: Dogs are also more attuned to changes in barometric pressure than humans. A drop in pressure means that a storm may be approaching – so your dog may learn to associate the feeling of a pressure drop with a looming thunderstorm. Also, some researchers think dogs may even be able to sense the vibrations from thunder through their feet and limbs.

So the next time your four-legged friend starts pacing nervously, even if there’s not a cloud in the sky, you may want to reach for your umbrella!



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