Rin Tin Tin

This handsome portable dog bowl is made by Filson, the company that specialized in making rugged gear for prospectors back during the Klondike Gold Rush. Yep, Filson still around, and their stuff is as durable as ever.

Made from 100% cotton oiled tin cloth, this dog bowl is strong, soft and waterproof. It folds flat for easy storage and has a handy loop so you can clip it onto anything.

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P.S. The amazing story behind Rin Tin Tin

Can dogs smile?

Good question! The answer: Yes.

Dogs have long been shown to use facial expressions, along with ear set, tail carriage and overall demeanor, to signal their feelings to others. Think your dog is smiling? You may be right. Here are some examples:

Smile #1: Happy dog

When your dog is happy, she has relaxed body language. The muscles in her face are relaxed; her mouth is closed or slightly opened, with the corners turned upwards slightly in a smile. If she’s warm, she might be panting slightly.

Smile #2: Play face

This happy facial expression is characterized by a partially-open mouth that almost looks as though the dog is smiling. Your dog may also bounce around, bat with her paws or go into the “play bow,” with her front paws down and rear end up.

However, a smiley expression doesn’t necessarily indicate happiness in dogs:

Smile #3: Submissive “grin”

If your dog is feeling extremely submissive, she may pull her lips up vertically and display her front teeth. This signal is almost always accompanied by an overall submissive body posture, such as a lowered head, yelping or whining, and pushed-back ears.

Smile #4: Distress

If your dog’s mouth is open just a little bit, with the sides raised, she may look like she’s smiling, but she may actually be anxious, nervous or otherwise in distress. Other signs of distress may include heavy panting with the tongue in, whining and chattering teeth.

So the real question is, if your dog is smiling, is she happy? Looks like that’s a tougher question to answer. Your best bet: Look for the wagging tail.

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The Nest


Jolly good dog bowls





These are all words that Fenella Smith uses to describe herself and her designs – which is precisely why we love her dog bowls.

Featuring whimsical dog drawings, Fenella Smith dog bowls are handmade from earthenware across the pond (England, that is). Did we mention we’re also suckers for a British accent? Righto.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a jolly little dog looking back at them after dinner?

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Aren’t you glad you found your dog?

The people at Found My Animal created these stylish canvas dog collars as a celebration of dogs and people finding each other.

We love that each collar features an individually numbered, stamped brass tag, keeping a running count of how many Found dogs are out there. Found My Animal collars are made from 100% cotton canvas treated with animal-safe wax for water-resistance and durability. 

One look at this collar and you’ll know it’s a keeper. Because when you find The One, you just know.

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