Why do dogs sniff each other’s butts?

Good question! The answer: Chemical communication.

We all know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell – 10,000 to 100,000 more powerful than humans. In fact, one-third of a dog’s brain is built to process smells. And a dog’s anal glands produce a strong, unique odor; by sniffing each other’s butts, dogs can learn all sorts of things about each other: Gender, emotions, diet and more. In fact, a dog entering a vet exam room can tell just by the smell if the previous dog was scared. 

How do they get all this information without being overpowered by the smell of poop? Dogs have a patch of cells within their nose called the Jacobson’s organ, which is built to smell body chemicals instead of airborne odors. This organ has its own set of nerves that are directly connected to the brain, so it gets no interference from other smells.


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Pick your fun: Fluffy, squeaky, bouncy…

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Snooping around

This little round, squishy blob is going to blow your dog’s mind.

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The Orbee-Tuff® Snoop® is an award-winning dog toy with a deep crevice that you can stuff full of treats. Your dog will nudge, nose and nibble at it until he gets the hidden reward. A great toy for dogs that stay at home during the day!

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Bracing Nature “At Its Most Raw and Wild” in Norway’s Lofoten Islands

For more photos and videos from Norway’s Lofoten Islands, explore the Skrøva location page, browse the #@skrova hashtag and follow @eivindnatvig on Instagram.

Nestled among the craggy mountains of Norway’s northern coast, the Lofoten Islands are some of the most idyllic on earth. Situated on a small group of islands, the fishing village of Skrøva is home to just a few hundred residents, and tourists flock to the area in the summer months seeking retreat from the modern world. The natural arctic surroundings provide the perfect setting for hiking, watching whales and spotting the Aurora Borealis in the clear night skies. With just a few daylight hours for most of the year, long sunrises and sunsets bathe Skrøva’s white sand beaches and jagged mountain backdrop in a pink light.

Living in Skrøva also lets you experience weather “at its most raw and wild,” says local Instagrammer Eivind Natvig (@eivindnatvig), who captures breathtaking moments from Skrøva’s natural landscapes on Instagram. “Skrøva is somewhere you can experience human vulnerability to the elements,” he says. “When storms come in, we are often isolated from the rest of the world, which provides a wonderful freedom but has its own set of challenges.”

"As one of a handful of people lucky enough to live on Skrøva, I have the unique opportunity to witness and share the daily changes in our incredible nature with Instagrammers around the world," says Elvind. "I hope my photography can bring something different to the way people see Lofoten."


The white stuff

They say white plates make food look beautiful. We say…well, if there’s any way to make dog food look beautiful, we’re on board. So we rounded up all of our favorite white dog bowls.

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